Joshua 10

CFreeman , April 25 2017

Post your questions, comments, or impressions of Joshua chapter 10 here.


Was it a mistake that Joshua made an oath with the Gibeonites (in ch9), now that we see how that decision effectively concentrated a vast area's armies into one spot? Definitely another great example God's sovereignty!


Should Joshua have protected the Gibeonites? Perhaps this could have been their destruction, that should have come by the hand of Israel, who made a peace treaty with them, not knowing that it was actually against what the Lord had originally commanded, being the destruction of all inhabitants.
Why does the Lord deliver these 5 groups of people and their kings into the hands of Joshua and Israel? Is it because they were helping/protecting the Gibeonites (their neighbors), because Joshua has found favor with the Lord, or because this is all a part of the Lord's plan to keep His word and for Israel to inhabit the Promise Land. Despite what people do, the Lord's plan will not be thwarted, one way or another it shall come to pass.

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