Joshua 9

CFreeman , April 25 2017

Post your questions, comments, or impressions of Joshua chapter 9 here.


So Joshua and the Israelites made a covenant of peace with the Gibeonites (Hivites) (v15). Then 3 days later they found out the truth, that these people lied and were a part of the group of people that the Lord told to destroy (or are they?). Was Israel correct to honor their covenant to these Hivites (which they swore to them by the Lord God (v18), or should they have broken the covenant and destroyed them, as the Lord had originally commanded. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts when we discuss it.
Seems like they ended up where they should not have ended up all because of the big mistake that they made, not asking counsel of the Lord (v14).
Are we any different? Where are we missing to seek the counsel of the Lord?
Philippians 4:6 says we are to pray in everything, are we?


The commands of God are to always be primary. Agreements with deceptive enemies were kept to "save face".

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