Joshua 8

CFreeman , April 25 2017

Post your questions, comments, or impressions of Joshua chapter 8 here.

J P Gunst

What do you think could be a reason that God didn’t destroy Ai in a similar way that He destroyed Sodom?

What is the significance of the events we read about in Joshua 8:30-35?


Look at the difference between chapter 7 and 8. In the past God told His people that this land will be theirs. In chapter 7 they are moving as though they are in the Lord's will, but are they? In chapter 8 they are moving to take the land as well, in the big picture it is the same. But the results are vastly different. Why?

A few probing thoughts:
Is God a God of general or exact? Is He involved in the details (Hint: Who orchestrated the details of the battle)? What goes along with His ultimate will?


In conjunction with Jerry's question, Why were the Israelites allowed to take a booty / plunder for themselves from Ai (Joshua 8:2) but not Jericho (Joshua 6:18)?


God knew if the plunder would have idols that they would covet. He knew what would be tempting them to disobey & wander


I think that they were allowed to take booty because the mana had ceased once they ate from the provisions in the promised land. The Lord is still providing directly for them and they (as well as us) should already be well aware of where their(our) sustenance comes from. I'm probably late to this party anyway ?

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