Columbus Baptist

There are thousands of churches in America. Some big. Some small.

So why go to Columbus Baptist Church? That is probably a question best answered by the Holy Spirit’s direction in your life. But, let us provide to you some glimmer of what we are about.

1.) We want to Worship God.

Worship is the act of attributing value or worth to someone. We believe God alone is worthy of everything we have to offer.

Our worship is characterized by Acts 2:42-47. In this passage, as the church was being set up, the apostles devoted themselves to certain things and the church continued in certain practices, all of which fall under the category of worship.

They devoted themselves to the teaching of truth as revealed by God.

They devoted themselves to having deep, selfless connections to other followers of Christ, seeking to develop each other in all aspects of life.

They devoted themselves to prayer, or being connected intimately to their God in a lifestyle of dependence and surrender.

The church continued in selfless sacrifice for those who were in need.

These are all ways of giving value and worth to the God who has done all for us. Finally in this passage we see that they did not stop at personal worship, but also met corporately, as often as they could, in the temple and in their homes, to give honor and value to God, together.

Here at CBC – We desire the same things the early church did. To Worship God in all these aspects, personally and as a group of Christ followers.

2.) We want to be like Christ.

The first step to being like Jesus, is to understand that we cannot be like Jesus. You may think that that is a contradiction. Perhaps you read it a couple times, just to make sure you caught it. You read it correctly. We, humanity, cannot be like Christ. Why?

Depravity. What is that? Depravity means that we are broken. Depravity means that no one wants to be like Jesus. Depravity means that no one wants God to be their God. Depravity means that everyone is born a rebel against the God of the bible. Every human being who has ever been conceived, has been conceived in spiritual death.

“But I’ve always gone to church and wanted to follow God” you may protest. Perhaps the god you wish to follow is not the one of the bible. The God of the bible is Holy. He hates sin. Sin is an entity, a spiritual force that lodges itself in our hearts. We become slaves to it. To the point that even if you did want to follow God – you couldn’t. The evidence of this is found in a newborn’s cry. When they are fed, diaper is changed, rested and loved, yet they still cry. They cry for attention. They cry because they think the world revolves around them. We don’t change much into adulthood, we just learn to cover it better. That is sin, working itself out in our lifestyles. We are wicked. We are filthy. Because God is Holy – or separate, when something like us comes into contact with something like Him, well it isn’t pretty. The God of the bible is not the fluffy thing that many churches have made Him to be. We have committed treason against Him, for that our only just punishment is eternal death. Since He is the life-giver, eternal death means, eternal separation from His life-giving presence.

That puts us in quite the pickle doesn’t it. We are an offensive bunch worthy of death. And if we can say this reverently, it kinda put God into a pickle too. You see God is not only Holy and the most fair Judge that has ever been, but He is also love. Meaning He chose to loyally defend us from His own Holy Justice. Yet, in the bible it tells us that one who defends the wicked is also wicked. Another contradiction? This is where Christ comes in.

You see, Jesus is God Himself united eternally with a human nature. He came, lived a sinless and Holy life, because He is God. What happened on the cross then, was not simply the barbaric execution of a innocent man, but was instead the Spiritual transaction whereby God poured out His wrath and Justice on, Himself. In that transaction, Jesus traded our wickedness for His Holiness. Our very natures were polluted to the point that simply cleaning them up would not do anything. No. He had to change our natures. So what happened at the cross, was the provision of God to show us mercy, but still be Just and Holy.

We who are Christ Followers then, our old nature, who we were before we depended on this transaction, has been and continues to be killed with Jesus on that cross. And our new nature? Well that is Christ living in us.

So when we say we want to live like Christ, that means that every day, we want to go about killing off our old habits, desires, ambitions and impulses. Instead we wish to disappear into the reality that Christ has taken us over.

Perhaps you can see now why the bible says that the gospel (the good news) is narrow and few will find it. It is narrow because there are very few who would desire to kill off everything that they are to become everything God wants them to be.

As His church – we desire this greatly.

3.) We want be Holy Spirit Led.

Something else happens when we depend on Christ’s work on the cross. We also surrender to His will for our lives. When we do this, He sends His Spirit (also God- 3 persons in 1 being) and weaves that Spirit to our minds, our hearts, and our hands. We become people of God who are impassioned and empowered to please Him. We rely on that passion and that power and in faith step out and obey His Word (the bible).What does that look like?

a.) Transformed Minds – We seek truth in the bible. The bible is God’s thoughts about Himself, humanity, life, worship and everything else. As we devour His Word, since the Spirit is woven to our minds we begin to understand God’s thoughts. We start to see the world the way He sees it, which is drastically different than how we saw it before.

b.) Turned Hearts – As our minds begin to change to think the way God thinks, and since the Spirit is woven to our emotions, we begin to feel the way God feels about ourselves, other followers of Christ, those who do not follow Christ, and the needy. We rejoice, mourn, feel compassion and concern the same way God would.

c.) Teaching God’s Message – With God’s mind and God’s heart and the Spirit woven to our hands, feet, eyes and voices, we go out into the culture around us and show others the truth of God. We seek to share with them His thoughts and feelings. We seek to help others as God would help them and give them God’s truth with God’s motivation.

This is not who we are at Columbus Baptist Church – but it is who we want to be .

Come join with us as we join with Him.